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We Mourn the Loss

Matthew Geffner circa 2004
Matthew Geffner circa 2004
Young Angels began in 2002 when Matthew Geffner, then age 14, had an idea for a community service project.  He asked his mom’s friends, Brook Dougherty and Debbie Koerner, to help him.  Matthew gathered his friends in a classroom at the Mirman School, then informed Brook and Debbie that they would like Linkin Park to perform a benefit concert.  When he was told that this was “unlikely,” he reminded Brook and Debbie that “unlikely” was not “impossible.”  Linkin Park performed at the House of Blues on Monday, March 4th, 2002 to benefit TrinityKidsCare, a pediatric Hospice. 
Matthew Geffner died tragically this year, in New York, where he was attending NYU.  His blend of entrepreneurship and philanthropy continues to be the backbone of Young Angels of America.

In that spirit, we launch “Matthew’s Café,” a weekly leadership gathering for teens that will feature emerging philanthro-capitalists, artists and activists.  Our mission continues to be to teach young people about philanthropy and community service.  This program is made possible by gifts from the Pacific Palisades Woman's Club, The Palisades Rotary Club, and the Palisades Optimists Club.

Where:  Matthew’s Garden Café
Address:  859 ½ Swarthmore Ave
Pacific Palisades
(across from CVS)
When: Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Time:  6-7:30 PM
Dinner:  $10 at the door
RSVP info@youngangelsofamerica.org
Or 310.573.9913
Musical Performance by:  Piper Hays

Donations to support Matthew's Cafe can also be made through the Young Angels website, at www.youngangelsofamerica.org
Matthew at check presentation to chloe love foundation

Matthew at check presentation to Chloe Love Foundation  

When Young Angels scholarship winner, Matthew Stewart, heard the news about Matthew Geffner, he said he would be the spirit of Matthew Geffner and continue to carry on with an open heart and mind.  He is starting his second year at the storied Tuskegee University this month, and we are still short of tuition funds. 

Please contribute what you can and help this future automotive engineer continue to be one of
’s best! 

Contributions to support Matthew's Scholarship Fund can be made through the Young Angels website, at www.younganglesofamerica.org 

Matthew Stewart at Tuskegee University still needs tuition funds.


Summer Dance Recital

Miss Quejonne Smith leads her team to a wonderful afternoon of dance at the
Recreation Center

This program made possible by a gift from The Arbonne Foundation. 

You can support this program by redirecting your spending on personal care projects to  www.youngangelsofamerica@myarbonne.com