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The mission of  Young Angels of America is to foster a culture of philanthropy in adolescent Americans. Through an after-school program of peer event production, student Team members learn the fundraising and leadership skills necessary to offer effective support to their communities.

The objective is to create a predisposition within teens to lifelong civic-mindedness. The program assumes that entrepreneurial talent flourishes within middle and high school students. It seeks to refine and focus that talent to help Teams produce successful events that support causes that they believe in. Developing the talent to raise money, identify a beneficiary and make a gift empowers Team members and complements the rigor of their academic focus.

Young Angels members become familiar with the role business plays in the not-for-profit community and the importance of young and generous professionals. They leave high school with a production skill set that makes them active, sought- after college students. They are prepared to become Board members, future donors, policy makers and citizens that can be depended upon to stabilize our future.

Empower young people with the skills they need to advance.
Increase the fundraising capacity of lower-income schools.
Provide performance opportunities for emerging artists.
Offer community relations experience for young executives.
Build the Young Angels of America base.
Core Values
Financial Independence
Inspired Leadership
Community Support
Guiding Principles
Young people can produce events and become significant fundraisers.
Young people can learn to give back to their communities.
Young people can learn professional skills through social action.

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