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YA Pacific Palisades

Amy Dersh and Mara Silka, President

Currently raising $30,000 for College Trips, Prom and Comedy Project

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Young Angels Organization

Young Men of Comedy

Young Men of Comedy is a comedy show performed by professional young male comedians that addresses issues facing young people today. It is provided, at no cost, to lower-income schools as a fundraiser. Funds donated to this project are used to pay for these shows, and for our Comics in the Classroom programs.

Funding Goal: $10,000

Young Angels 2012 College Campaign Winner

Matthew Stewart, Animo Watts Charter High School, Senior, Athlete, Scholar, Future Aerospace Engineer.

click here to find out more about Matthew

Goal: $20,000 by the end of May

Contribute to Matthew's Fund

Young Angels Watts Comedy Project

Leadership+ Comdedy Talk Show Production
Academic Focus: Writing, Reading, TV Production

One student/One Day $25
One instructor/One Day $50
One Semester/One School $2,500

Need to reach funded program goal: $2,600

The Buck Starts Here -
Student Event Production Project

Academic/Arts Focus: Event Math, Marketing, and Food Service.

Young Angels Teams produce a series of student dance events to support the programs in Watts and South L.A. Teams train at each other’s events. Each event is attended by 300-500 teens age 13-16.

Spring Dance Pacific Palisades - Sponsor $3,000

YA Angel Shop
Student Store + Food Service Project

Academic/Arts Focus: Retail Math + Merchandise

Student Store was started with YA to develop a steady stream of revenue to support school activities, learn about careers in the food service business and have an application for basic math.

Needed to Raise:
$3,500 for equipment.

Emerging Artists & Executives Advisory

Rachel Butler-Green, Director, Emerging Artists & Executives
Justin Ramirez, Chairman

Young Angels Emerging Artists & Executives Advisory recruits young professionals from the entertainment community and trains them to teach the Young Angels system of literacy and business.

One Instructor/Day $50

Need to reach Spring Semester Faculty
Funding Goal $4,600


Help Us Send 2 Young Film Makers to the Democratic National Convention
Find out more about the film

Young Revolutionary Poetry is a collective of Los Angeles spoken-word artists whose mission is to bring about social change through words