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Justin Ramirez

Chairman, Emerging Artists & Executives
CEO, Revibe the Movement, a media hub for the international hip hop community. Its mission is to make hip hop accessible to all people.

Rachel Butler-Green

Director, Emerging Artists & Executives
A graduate of Loyola Marymount University, Rachel is a professional dancer who now heads up the Young Angels effort to provide performance platforms for emerging artists and service opportunities for young executives.

Nori Shirasu

Director, Young Angels Visual Arts
Nori has a broad background in visual, studio and graphic arts, architecture and creative expression. He has a unique combination of training and experience in the arts both in the United States and Japan.

Cary Odes

Director, Young Angels Comedy Program
Cary has taught stand up to teenagers, both in a high school setting and to gang members in prison. He has written for television and co-wrote an award winning short film, which was optioned by Steven Spielberg. He Teaches public speaking and standup comedy at Comedy Workshops and originated the Young Angels Comedy Workshop with Bob Saget in 2006.

Alicia Dougherty

Associate Producer, Young Angels
Alicia is a professional make-up artist and a junior at Loyola Marymount University majoring in Art History. She works with the LMU service organization, Art Smart, and has been producing Young Angels events since 2006.

Jose Jehuda Garcia, Esq.

Director, Young Angels Legal Affairs
Jose has 15 years of experience in the audiovisual media field. He has written and/or produced content in both Spanish and English for Discovery Channel, NatGeo, and other entities, including film and radio. He is a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of Film and Loyola Law School.

Ross Nordin,

Financial consultant, Young Angels
Ross has more than 12 years of financial, operations and accounting analytics for small to large public and private firms in the services; engineering; telecom; real estate and manufacturing industries. He is a graduate of University of Michigan's School of Business.

DJ Ren

Renson Blanco, Lead DJ, is a senior at Cal State Northridge majoring in business.
He is a DJ at Guess and works at various clubs around LA. He has DJ'd for Young Angels events since 2006.


Darrion Benard. Guest faculty rap artist - Movement Musiq.
Khao, born and raised in Compton, California and attended Winston-Salem University. He brings a new flavor to West Coast rap. He has been rapping since the age of 12 and makes note that he is a rapper before anything else.

Joshua Pourgol

General Manager, Pinkberry, Montana.
Josh graduated high school at 16. This allowed him to attend UCLA, graduating from the university at 20. He feels strongly that young people have the power to impact difference despite their age. He believes that Young Angels will provide necessary tools for the next generation of entrepreneurs to inspire not only profits but also social change


CEO, Scratch DJ Academy.
Scratch is a world leader in DJ and music production education. Hapa advises on its New Spin program and his Academy provides on-going support and scholarships for members of Young Angels Teams.

Nur Nadir

Scratch DJ Academy Business Manager

Diana Wyenn

Media Relations & Promotions Manager Roy and Edna Disney/Cal Arts Theatre REDCAT

Ranie Lambe

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Revolution Test Prep


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