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Tuesday, 04 October 2016 22:30


All I wanted was the Wells Fargo gray pony I saw at my branch in Pacific Palisades, but I had to open a checking account to get it. Fortunately, our Young Angels Tuskegee scholarship winner, Matthew Stewart, was in town for Christmas break and was game to let me open an account for him  Duh.  I deposited the requisite fifty dollars and told him to go crazy.  Now I can easily transfer funds to his account.  Not that I’m rolling in dough, but the occasional twenty does cross my path. The kid’s going to need gas money starting next week when he moves to South Carolina to work for BMW for a semester.  So proud.

Matthew’s tuition is an on-going adventure for the entire board of Young Angels of America, not to mention Matt’s mom, Linda.  Mary Cossette gives an annual chunk, then we all we scramble for the rest.  Let’s just say I know the names of the bursar at Tuskegee as well as the actual cashiers.  

In January, though, we’re drilling down on our POWER IN THE SHOWER shampoo fundraiser.  Arbonne, International, makes a dandy daily shampoo, and the sale of 10,000 bottles of the stuff yields pretty close to a year’s tuition. 

Board member Bridget Stennis, pictured below with her Air Force daughter, Camille, says, “The good news is everyone takes a shower and washes their hair.”  

Fantastic, I say.  Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Have a clean new year.

So I got the stuffed, gray adorable equine baby I wanted, but I couldn’t keep it. Matthew was getting on a plane the next day, going to new BMW housing, and I it seemed like that damn pony wanted to go with him.  I could tell he wanted it.  He’s only nineteen, after all.

 (L-R) Banker Justin Green, mechanical engineering scholar Matthew Stewart, Brook Dougherty


Young Angels 2012 College Campaign Winner PDF Print E-mail

Matthew Stewart, Animo Watts Charter High School, Senior, Athlete, Scholar, Future Aerospace Engineer.

Contribute to Matthew's fund

Goal: $20,000 by the end of May

About Matthew Stewart
Matthew is a senior at Animo Watts Charter High School. He is a gifted baseball player and top student who has been accepted to every school he has applied to. Matthew has been offered $9,000-$10,000 scholarships at several schools. His top choices are University of Washington and

Baseball Statistics
Matthew has played since he was 3. He has been varsity at Locke the last 3 years, before that he was at another school and is co-captain of the team again this year. He plays center field.

He goes to prospect camps. That's how he gets asked to play. Last year he was picked by the White Sox. Recently he went to Seattle and was asked to come to play (all expenses paid) for this summer.

Florida A&M, Florida Tech, Tuskegee (with a scholarship), Hofstra, San Jose State, Southern Utah State, Fresno State, Long Beach State, Baylor (with a scholarship), Georgia Southern and University of New Mexico.

Matthew participated in the Young Angels Busted 101 taping, and can be seen on our You Tube Channel. He is mentored by his teacher Constance Salomone, who also leads our Young Angels after-school program in Watts.

Mentor/Teacher Recommendation
I have had the pleasure of knowing Matthew for 3 years now. He is a great student and a gifted athlete. He has a lot to contribute to the aerospace community, and looks forward to getting the education he needs to work in this field. He set goals in his junior year to earn straight A’s in all of his classes and he did. He has continued that goal this year and is taking all honors classes. His hard work and dedication to baseball makes him a leader on the team. Matthew applied to more schools than any other senior in our school and so far has been accepted to all of them. His first choice is University of Washington followed by Tuskegee.

Matthew’s Essay to Young Angels Scholarship Program
Going to college is not just about receiving an education, but pursuing a lifelong career. Unlike most of my peers I understand that a college education is able to give me the extra push I need in life to be successful. Going to college is not just something I want to do, it is a need. As a teenager growing up in Los Angeles I am surrounded by bad examples. To choose a different path shows the world that I am capable of achieving more than most. I will have the education, the experience, and the connections to establish my own aerospace engineering corporation.

Being the youngest in my family and the first to go to college will give me not only an escape from a poverty-infested neighborhood, but a way to fulfill my dreams. In order to change the world I must first change myself and college is the first step.

Nov 2, 2011 One False Move: A Forum on Teens, Race & Justice PDF Print E-mail

For Immediate Release:
Contact:  Candis Welch 213.364.0106
Brook Dougherty 310.266.7171

Busted: Teens, Comics and Legal Gurus Discuss Juvenile Justice

One False Move – Teens, Race & Juvenile Justice
November 2nd, 2011

Kehillat Israel Synagogue
16019 Sunset Blvd.,
Pacific Palisades 90272

7 – 9 p.m.  Free to the public 


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were at a party that was shut down by the police?  What if you were stopped and searched by law enforcement because you resembled someone else?  How should you act?  What should you do?  Is your experience with law enforcement different if you live in Compton or in Pacific Palisades?  Is that about race or zip code?  Acting on concerns sparked by their deepening relationship, students on the Watts and Pacific Palisades Young Angels teams are hosting a panel to discuss teens and the law.  The panel is made up of students from both teams and the young professional comics of The Young Angels Comedy project.  The discussion will be facilitated by Cyn Yamashiro, Director of the Center for Juvenile Justice at Loyola Law School and criminal defense attorney, Steve Cron.  This event is a joint production of the Young Angels Pacific Palisades and Watts teams. 

www.youngangelsofamerica.org # # # #


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