Animo Watts artist, Christian, performs live art while YA faculty member, Martin Rizo, performs at comedy benefit PDF Print E-mail
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Animo Watts artist, Christian, performs live art while YA faculty member, Martin Rizo, performs at comedy benefit. Each member of the comedy lineup was given an original signed drawing of his act. The $16 show profit benefits "Selena's Fund" -- a student- supported drive to send sophomore, Selena, to Princeton for a summer session.

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12628 Avalon Blvd. LA 90061
Sue Jean Foulkes, Principal

December 22, 2009

Brook and Debbie,

Thank you once again for the amazing opportunity for the students at Ànimo Watts Charter High School, by helping our students put on their very first dance of this academic year. It is needless for me to say that the Saints Inferno was a huge success in building community and teaching our student leaders valuable lessons that they will apply as they move forward with their Ànimo Watts career and beyond.   I wanted you to know that I am really glad that Tony gave us the opportunity to work with you, as it has been a wonderful experience for our students as well as for myself. You provided me with an opportunity to fulfill our student’s need with the limited amount of time and resources I had, this experience for our students would definitely not have come to fruition if it were left to my own accord.

As a school leader, I have been struggled to maintain focus on everything that probably deserves attention. You were excellent is keeping your Tuesday after-school meetings, as well as coming in with a game plan that was fail proof. The consistency paired with your vision for this dance, helped our students and the event be successful. For myself, the event was easy because once we went through our initial meeting, I knew that my students and faculty advisory were in good hands. You were able to effectively gel a group of students with a common goal, and provide them with your expertise to have them meet the goal. The synergy of the group was self-evident throughout each of the meetings that I got to stop by in, as well as at the dance.

The Young Angels program has helped cultivate a leadership group on our campus, as well as identify new leaders at the school. I will never forget the day of the dance, when I realize one of our students Yvette Monje as one of the main leaders of the dance. Yvette has always been known to me as a student who had great grades, was well liked, but also as quiet student. During the six weeks that you worked with her, she bloomed into the natural leader that she is. In addition to identifying new leaders, you helped some of our existing leaders refine their skills, as well as equip them with new skills that will help them become more effective. One of the most memorable moments for me will be the Young Angels of Ànimo Watts proudly presenting their earned check to me. The pride and sense of accomplishment was so evident in that room, that it brought me to tears. It was overwhelming, because that feeling of success is what I hope our students will feel throughout their life.

Thank you for the relationships that you have built with our students, for delivering an amazing program where our students were able to feel success, and for teaching our students valuable skills that they will make even more sense to them as they go through their economic course. You ladies as well as the Palisades team members have been amazing to our students and our community. I very much look forward to the continued partnership and work that we do for our students at Ànimo Watts.

Sue Jean Foulkes

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One of our angels, Rachel Jaffe has written a piece for Teen Ink. Please read and vote on the arcticle to help publish it.

Young Angels

By Rachel J., Pacific Palisades, CA

Exhausted and completely out of breath, it was the end of swim practice on a cold winter evening. All of my friends and I charged into the locker room in hope of snatching the first steamy shower. I ran under the spout as warm water trickled down my back after a hard practice. My friend Mara approached all of my friends in the shower with a pile of invitations for a dance that supported community service. I was so tired that I did not have the energy to give the invitation more then a glance but, as soon as I looked at it, I saw the opportunity that awaited me. In bold letters at the top of the invitation, “Young Angels” was sprawled across the page. As I looked more closely, I realized what this invitation meant. Young Angels was organizing a dance to raise money for community service projects and, not only would a tremendous amount of money be raised for charitable causes, but hundreds of teenagers would be having a great time in the process. I thought that this was such a great idea and I decided that I not only wanted to attend the dance, but I also wanted to become involved.

This was over two years ago and, since then, I have become a lead member in Young Angels of America. Young Angels was my first real experience with community service. Many kids get by with raising money for charities, and never experience the act of giving; I had the privilege of feeling as though I made a difference. At each dance, teens not only have fun with their friends but are also informed about different charities. Knowing that I have taught others how they can get involved gives me such a heartwarming feeling. Not only am I one person making a difference, but by helping bring in over two hundred children into the dance, I have had the opportunity to get many of others to make a difference as well.

We have a celebrity visit each dance party. I have been so impressed by the amount that young Hollywood gives back. Through my Young Angels experience, I have transitioned from a fan to a producer. The anxiety and fear that falls upon most teenagers when a lead member from Step Up 2 walks into the room (we have previously had Adam Stefani and Chaning Tatum) no longer has the power to overcome me.

The most memorable experience of my time in Young Angeles was the Middle School Winter dance in 2007, when we had a special child help organize the dance and participate in the event. This child was Julia. Julia has a horrible disease that will eventually kill her by the time she reaches puberty. At this one dance we were raising money for the organization that her parents started in her honor. Looking at this young girl who knew that she was awaiting her death was the most memorable experience of my life. She has a glowing passion about her and, by spending this one night with her, I was inspired. Julia had the best attitude of anyone I have ever met; she took every moment and made the best of it. Julia got me inspired to help others and to never take any moment for granted. After this experience I found the meaning of Young Angels. Julia had been my angel that got me inspired to be other children’s angels.

I now have a mission. I want to inspire as many children as possible; I want to be an angel. So many kids don’t realize how easy it is to make a difference in the world. I want to be the person who encourages a child to help out a friend who is going through a tough time. I want to be the person who heartens a child to travel to Africa and work in an orphanage. I am only 15 years old and I have produced over five events, getting nearly 1,000 children involved. I want to be the angel to inspire that passion in others to make the difference that I feel as though I have made in my community.

For more information please visit

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Los Angeles
April 8, 2010

Young Angels of America Dual Neighborhood
Fundraising Project Teaches Philanthropy to Students

No Soccer Uniforms? No Problem:
Empowered Students Ignore Recession / Mobilize Fundraising

Pacific Palisades: Young Angels of America.
Two Teams of student fundraisers are producing “CHASE”, a middle-school dance that is the 4th this year in a series of events that are part of the Young Angels of America’s Dual Neighborhood Fundraising Project. The dance features the BabyDollz, a 16-year-old duo that is already giving back to their community along with rapper KHAO. The dance is in support of its new team at Animo Jackie Robinson Charter High School.

CHASE. Student Dance Produced by
Young Angels of America Dual Neighborhood Fundraising Project

Revibe the Music Artist: KHAO
Special Guests: The Baby Dollz – 16 Years Old. Already Giving Back.
v Friday, April 9th, 2010
Palisades Lutheran Church
15905 Sunset Blvd.
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
Grades: 6-9
Time: 7-10 p.m.

Young Angels of America, headquartered in Pacific Palisades, has been teaching kids how to put on peer music events since their first Linkin Park concert in 2002.

The Young Angels’ Dual Neighborhood Fundraising Team partners teams in higher-income areas with teams in lower-income areas to share resources and fundraise for activities impacted by budget shortfalls. The Pacific Palisades Team is partnered with Young Angels Animo Watts and have co-produced events to generate their own money. They have created a money-generating student store, struck a deal with Dreyer’s Ice Cream and raised enough money for yearbook and soccer uniforms.

Co-President of the Watts Team, Junior Pedro Puentes says, “I’m not letting the recession get in the way of high school. I needed to play soccer. The team needed soccer uniforms, Young Angels taught us how to get them. We made our own money. They can mess around all they want downtown, we’re not waiting on that. We’re making it happen for ourselves.”

Teams from a cross-section of L.A. neighborhoods work together at Young Angels events—(arriving by donated limo) and have developed a network of friendships across town and across neighborhoods.

Current Teams include Young Angels Pacific Palisades, Young Angels Animo Watts High School, Young Angels Hollywood, Young Angels Animo Jackie Robinson High School, Young Angels Horace Mann and Young Angels Manhattan Beach.

# # # #

CONTACT  Brook Dougherty 310.266.7171

Young Angels of America observes Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with the launch of its Young Artists & Executives Team. PDF Print E-mail

Dancer Rachel Butler-Green has been named director of Young Angels Artists & Executives. She has been charged with recruiting emerging artistic and executive talent who give back to their communities and are willing to share their financial strategies and philanthropic priorities.

They included a workshop on the roots of philanthropy. Philip Koerner, Ph.D., Phenomenex conducted a wine tasting featuring St. Francis Sonoma County Chardonnay 2007 and Bottega Vinaia Pinot Grigio Trentino 2008.

Professor Jay Dougherty, Loyola Law School, presented an after-dinner talk on the basics of logo protection.

The Young Artists & Executives Team is made up of twenty-somethings who have been invited to serve as guest faculty for Young Angels Teams around Los Angeles.

For more information on this program contact:


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