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Subject: Teen Heartbreak, Sex & Pressure. Young Angels News
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Dual Neighborhood Fundraising Project - Team News
June 5, 2010
Dear Brook,
Here's the news.
YA - Pacific Palisades

Dance Recap.  Our May event, DE-JA Vu, exceeded expectations.  Thank you to our 459 guests and three teams who worked at the dance and helped support the YA event-production program of our Teams.  Summer Season Dates Coming Soon.


Deja Savoy, Paul Revere, 8th grade, and Sydney Schneider, Archer, sophomore, carry water for beverage sales.


YA - Animo Jackie Robinson President, Edgar Aguirre, junior, arriving at DE-JA Vu.  Aguirre was in town to observe the event and train for a full production slate next year at AJR.


Crown Limousine Los Angeles Visiting Producer, junior Noel Rios, YA Animo Watts Team Officer, arriving at DE-JA Vu, courtesy Crown Limo.
YA Check-In Staffers representing The Archer School for Girls, Animo Jackie Robinson Charter High School, Animo Watts Charter High School, Crossroads Middle and High School, Paul Revere Middle School, Pacific Palisades Charter High School and Windward High School.
Did you wonder where YA PAC PAL Co-Presidents Mara Silka and Rachel Jaffe were during DE-JA-Vu? Swimming and winning at L.A. city finals (CIF). Girls took 1st place. Guys took 3rd. With Alistair Whatley and Gabe Connolly.
Charley Riley, 8th Grade Calvary in Luther Hall kitchen after winning the Amazing
Music guitar giveaway at DE-JA-Vu.

Community Service Opportunities & Hours

Fourth of July Parade

YA & The Sugar Mommas Present - Bake for Service Hours - We Need Your Cookies!

sugarmommasContact adougherty13@aol.com or rachelhjaffe@aol.com for drop off info for Monday, June 7th. YA Teams are hosting bake sales at YA Animo Jackie Robinson Talent Show on June 8th, and Horace Mann party on June 9th.  Please bag cookies by twos.

AWCHS continues shooting "Whatchu Mean," its student talk show.  The show will debut at AWCHS- YA PAC PAL's end-of-year party. This week's topics included "Teen Sex, Love & Broken Hearts".  Is is possible to escape without heartbreak? Click to see clip

Kathryn Prepares
Junior, Kathryn Solares prepares to get the boy's point of view.
Eros on Set
Junior Eros Cubias thinks carefully before replying to the question, "Have you ever been pressured into having sex?"
bloomers Josephine Waters and Myda Sui, fashion reporters for "Whatchu Mean?" examine antique bloomers as they take on the topic, "Do Girls Wear Enough Clothes?"


Opinion reporter, Jessica Celis, takes her teammates' minds off of studying for APs with the statement, " 'Sexting' is Stupid. Discuss". Opinion reporter, Jessica Celis, takes her teammates' minds off of studying for APs with the statement, " 'Sexting' is Stupid. Discuss".
Emanuel Perez interviews guest, Edgar Aguirre, President of Animo Jackie Robinson's
YA Team, about the tight security at the YA PAC PAL DEJA-Vu dance.
YA Team Presidents, Edgar Aguirre and Yvette Monje meet on the set of "Whatchu Mean?"
YA Animo Jackie Robinson High School

Best $3.00 Talent Show Ticket in Town

Worth the Time - Worth the Trip
Tuesday - June 8th - Reception 3 p.m. Show 4 p.m.

Safe - Easy - Almost-Valet Parking - Support the classes of 2011 and 2012!

sugarmommas"Come for the Sugar. Stay for the Show".
Bake Sale
Sponsored by YA Pacific Palisades /YA Animo Watts Charter High School

Perpetual Torment at first audition.

Painting w Nori
AJR Student Painting Event Art Canvas to be used as talent show backdrop.
AJR First run through
YA staffers confer with AJR Leadership Team and YA President, Edgar Aguirre, at first run through.


YA Horace Mann Middle School

YA is at Horace Mann Middle School prepping an end-of-year party for its L.A. Team Works members with a DJ Workshop at one end of the gym and an event art at the other.

Eighth grade girls work on YA's Nori Shirasu's Event Art canvas which will be used as a backdrop for the party. Event Art Workshop made possible by YA + Pac Pal/DEJA-Vu.
Michael "D.J. 4TFy" O'Connor II, and Robert "Robshot" Johnson of Scratch D.J. Academy LA discuss the financial advantages of deejaying through college. New Spin D.J. Workshop made possible by YA + Pac Pal/DEJA-Vu.


See Scratch:  DJ Scratch Academy
YA Emerging Artists & Executives - SPARKS

Thanks to The Staples Foundation, the YA Emerging Artists & Executives Team kicked off the Memorial Day weekend in a suite at the Sparks Game. The Team is happy to welcome members of Scratch D.J. Academy L.A. to its lineup of entrepreneurial role models.

Artist Nori Shirasu has created the workshop template for the YA Event Art program,
pictured above.
YA Director of Emerging Artists & Executives, Rachel Butler-Green, enjoys a squeeze from beau Justin Ramirez, CEO of Revibe the Movement, YA's portal to hip hop culture.
YA CFO, Debbie Koerner, chats with Scratch DJ Academy's Nur Nadir at Sparks game.
New YA Teams - New Events

Do you wish there was a community service project you actually wanted to do?
Now there is.


Start a Young Angels Team. Throw unforgettable events. Give back to L.A. Ask us how. info@youngangelsofamerica.orgor call 310.573.9913 to make an appointment for us to visit with your head of school.

" In addition to identifying new leaders, you helped some of our existing leaders refine their skills, as well as equip them with new skills that will help them become more effective. One of the most memorable moments for me will be the Young Angels of Ànimo Watts proudly presenting their earned check to me. The pride and sense of accomplishment was so evident in that room, that it brought me to tears. It was overwhelming, because that feeling of success is what I hope our students will feel throughout their life." Sue Jean Foulkes, Principal, Animo Watts Charter High School, 2010.

Young Angels is a 501©3 non-profit, public charity. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. Young Angels of America teaches middle and high school students live event production and fundraising to support causes they believe in. www.youngangelsofamerica.org


New Team - YA Hollywood - Recruiting - Hollywood
7th - 11th graders from: Marlborough, Immaculate Heart, Loyola High School and other Hollywood-area schools. Contact info@youngangelsofamerica.org for application.


New Team - YA Woodland Hills - Recruiting - Valley

New Event - YA Hollywood + YA PAC PAL Band Showcase at The Mint.
August 5th.

Contact info@youngangelsofamerica.org for band info and audition date.


Alpha Moms Advisory

Help Wanted - TEAM LEADERS
Have you worked a student event or fundraiser?  Would you consider working with one of our teams?  Let us know.  Great gig for empty nesters.  There's much to be done.  Once a week, six-week session.  Stipend. Brook@youngangelsofamerica.org
Student Filmmakers - Interns
Interns needed to work on and edit Flip Cam production of "WHO CARES?" Young Angels show with various Teams. Community Service Hours Available.
If you are interested, get in touch, and we will send you details.

Talent. Booking.

For information on performing at a Young Angels event, contact info@youngangelsofamerica.org
Young Angels of America
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From: Brook Dougherty <brook@youngangelsofamerica.org>
Subject: Deja, Jackie & Horace
Reply: brook@youngangelsofamerica.org
Deja, Jackie & Horace
May 2010
Dear Brook,
Here's the news.

DeJa Vu Friday, May 21, 2010.

May 21, 2010. 7-10 pm. Palisades Lutheran Hall. 15905 Sunset Blvd., Pacific Palisades, CA. 90272. Tickets on sale. Questions? Call 310.573.9913.


Hey Horrace. Hey Jackie. Whatchu Mean?

YA - Animo Watts Charter High School

Commerce + Education = Money for College Trips
Thanks to a gracious introduction from Neirith at Gelson's Palisades, YA inked a deal with Nestle to be the exclusive supplier of ice cream to YA Team Stores. The ice cream sales, along with other products, produce an ongoing stream of revenue to help fund college trips.
Nestle's Launch
Lunchtime business booms at AWCHS-Nestle student store

"Whatchu Mean?"

the AWCHS You Tube talk show began taping this week as the year-end project. Pali High Film Intern Nick Giggans-Hill will shoot all three segments. Show to premiere at a campus screening at AWCHS.


YA Visiting Faculty, Professional Comedian Cary Odes,works with juniors, Stephon Jackson and Emanuel Perez, at YA AWCHS on interviewing techniques.

Show guest and AWCHS junior, Antwanique Brown, discusses the inequities of after-school programming in Los Angeles with "Whatchu Mean?" Host, Emanuel Perez.

Emanuel and Girl

YA Animo Jackie Robinson - Welcome!

Big-talent high school AJR has signed on for YA's 6-week fundraising program. The concluding variety show, "Monarchs Next to Broadway", is a YA-AJR co-production under the direction of YA's director of Emerging Artists, Rachel Butler-Green. AJR producers are music guru Mr. Derrick Conyers, and AD Ms. Simone Burns. Proceeds to benefit special activities for the class of 2011.


For info contact


New Animo Jackie Robinson Team Members discuss invitation copy and audition dates for their upcoming production, "Monarchs Next to Broadway".

New YA Team Horace Mann Middle School, South L.A. announces year-end fundraiser, "Revolution 2010", a D.J. Dance for the 7th and 8th grades with guest artist KHAO of Movement Musiq. Tickets are $2.00 and will benefit the school band.

Playing "Name That Event" with guest artist KHAO at YA-HM's First Meeting


For more info contact: info@youngangelsofamerica.org or call 310.573.9913.


Dual Neighborhood Fundraising Project
The Archer School for Girls welcomed Animo Watts Charter High School student store staff for an advisory luncheon. Archer store staffers and officers generously shared their wisdom and experience as well as pizza and lemonade. Ms. Bentivoglio, Archer faculty advisor to the store, and Mr. Benfield, business advisor to the store, took the group on a tour, and much information was shared back and forth. Thank you from Young Angels Animo Watts Charter High School to The Archer School for Girls!

Exterior Archer


Waiting in the famed Archer Parlor.


Learning about staff training in the Archer Student Store.

AWCHS Staff Advisor Maria Jimenez and YA Store Manager Yvette Monje saying goodbye to Archer's Ms. Bentivoglio.

bye archer


Alpha Moms Advisory
Alpha Moms Advisory™ - All the Kids belong to All of Us
The Young Angels Alpha Moms Advisory provides production and fundraising advice from actual practicing Moms to Young Angels Teams.

Help Wanted
Have you chaired a fundraiser? Would you consider being interviewed by Young Angels. Let us know, and we'll book you.
Help Wanted
Student Filmmakers
Interns needed to work on and edit Flip Cam production of "WHO CARES?" Young Angels show with various Teams. Community Service Hours Available.
If you are interested, get in touch, and we will send you details.

Talent. Booking.

For information on performing at a Young Angels event, contact info@youngangelsofamerica.org
Brook & Debbie - Program Directors. Young Angels of America.
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From: Young Angels of America <brook@youngangelsofamerica.org>
Subject: Grinding Policy.Young Angels Dance
Reply: brook@youngangelsofamerica.org
Young Angels of America Newsletter
April 2010
Dear Brook,
Here's the news.
"CHASE" Dance. 04.09.2010

We are excited to announce our special guest for this Friday's event. THE BABY DOLLZ.

The Baby Dollz will be performing their hit "MY TYPE", which is so generous of them. It's really nice to see young artists giving back to the community.

Check them out at www.myspace.com/wearebabydollz. They are sixteen-years old, talented and a great example of community service in action.

Tickets are available on our site at www.youngangelsofamerica.org.

If you have questions about event policy, please visit our FAQs

We have a video about our dancing policy, etc. on our You Tube channel
"Does Everyone Dance Like That?" featuring the Young Angels student producers offering their views on inappropriate dancing.

This will also introduce you to our Dual Neighborhood Fundraising Project.

If you would like info on starting a Team or getting involved, please get in touch with us at info@youngangelsofamerica.org.

Transportation for Guest Student Producers Provided by My Ride, Inc. "My Ride is the best way we know to get our producers safely to and from our events." Brook & Debbie - Program Directors. Young Angels of America.
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From: YoungAngelsofAmerica <info@youngangelsofamerica.org>
Subject: Party Clothes Drive+Yard Sale
Reply: info@youngangelsofamerica.org
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ya logo

Some of us refuse to wear the same party dress more than once.  Some of us buy the wrong party dress and never wear it at all.  And some of us have worn the same pathetic party dress to so many black tie events we never want to see it again. Ever.  And can we talk about the brides who say, "Oh, you'll be able to wear it again."  Right.  Because that's just how much I love lavender. Now is the time to walk in to your walk-in and face your wardrobe.  Why?  Because YA is having a giant yard sale on June 23rd in the Palisades and we want to sell these charming reminders of your oh-so-social life to raise $$$$ for the Animo Watts Senior Prom.  So break it out, and bring it all on.  Shoes.  Men's suits.  Ties.  Accessories.  Flower-girl dresses. Yard Sale Guru, Barbara Dawson, is running the event, so you know it will be fab. We are $1,500 away from our $13,000 goal. info@youngangelsofamerica.org  See ya Saturday!
AWCHS Tour of Prom Site
AWCHS Tour of Prom Site

View our videos on YouTube

ORBIT.  April 29.  7-10 PM.  Grades 7-9.   YA

YA Pac Pal Shout Out to Animo Watts

$20 on line.  $30 at door.  

15905 Sunset Blvd.              

Tickets on Sale Now.    

Palisades Lutheran.   

Security.  Zero Tolerance.   

Supporting YA After School. 

Are you tired of looking like a raccoon in YA photos?  Do you put on your eyeliner and it slides all over the place the moment you start to dance?  I can fix that. YA



There's a right way to put on make-up,

and there's a wrong way.  Do you want to learn the right way?

Info:  adougherty13@aol.com



YA Student Discount Price:

$ 35.00 per girl up to four girls per session.

Alicia Dougherty.  Professional Make-Up Artist. 

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Young Angels of America | 528 Palisades Drive | Suite 128 | Pacific Palisades | CA | 90272

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