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Young Angels Pacific Palisades drilled down on fundraising last Saturday with a yard sale to support their sister Team at Animo Watts Charter High School. Profit centers included Peep-topped cupcakes, lemonade and the big sell-out-- mini-Easter baskets manufactured by the Watts team.

The sale was part of a year-long drive Young Angels undertook with the Animo Watts Charter High School Team to raise $13,000 for their first senior prom. Budget at the Watts school was tight for Prom, so YA took a student leadership team through a year-long fundraising boot camp. As Animo Watts Charter High School’s Principal, Sue Jean Foulkes said, “Every time I walked down the hall, I tripped over students who were engaging in business. First it was the student store, then it was movie night, and raffles, then they made me get rid of the vending machines so they could sell beverages. It’s great! The students wanted a beach prom, and now they’re set to have one at the Annenberg Beach House”.

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Young Angels Drill Down on Fundraising for Watts Prom

Last fall, YA PAC PAL joined its sister team, YA Animo Watts Charter High School, in a fundraising marathon to raise $13,500 for the Watts team’s first senior prom. Dime by dime, and nickel by nickel, they have chipped away at it.

YA Pac Pal Yard Sale – Profit Profiles

Jack Brew, 7th Grade, Calvary Christian, arrives at yard sale after hanging sale posters.

Senior, Eros Cubias, on the way to UC Humboldt, uses comedy to emphasize
the nickel and dime fundraising techniques employed by Teams.


Dawson instructed Team in Yard Sale tactics. Pictured above, she shows Team how to photograph dress for on-line marketing tutorial.


Juniors, Bella D’Angelo and Angelica Ercoli, impressed YA PAC PAL Prez, Rachel Jaffe, when they forked over the wad of cash they raised selling lemonaid and donuts. Their table was a big profit center of the day causing YA to take a second look at the next gen.

Angelica Ercoli, 3rd grader Palisades Elementary and Bella D’Angelo, 3rd grader Corpus Christi, present cash to Pali Senior Rachel Jaffe. Rachel takes her entrepreneurial YA spirit with her to University of Michigan this fall.


Manufactured by the endlessly-creative YA Watts Team, mini Easter Baskets sold out as last minute shoppers stocked up on the cutest party favors ever.

Sarah Hurst’s Peep Show

YA entrepreneur, Sarah Hurst, an 8th grader at St. Matthews, is always thinking of her next fundraising trick. Putting Peeps on cupcakes was genius. Overheard: An elderly gentleman saying to Hurst, “Sweetheart, I wanna buy one of those cupcakes with a chicken on it for my girlfriend.”


YA Directors, Debbie Koerner and Brook Dougherty headquartered in the Vallon’s garage for the Yard Sale. Dougherty says, “Being somewhere at 8 a.m. on a Saturday isn’t our idea of a great time, but it’s all about the money, baby, all about the money. Our kids are going to prom on the beach if we have to Hoover pennies out of the sofa cracks of every single member families.”

Koerner on the left and Hurst on the right make first sale of the day. Koerner says, “I don’t do change. Just give me the bills, please.”



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